Wye Valley Group

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One of the largest breakers and supplier of parts for buses and coaches.

Well established and with a keen attention to detail with regards to maintaining quality when dismantling coaches and buses so that components can be re-distributed.


Our Services

  • Coach Dismantling
  • Bus Dismantling
  • Coach and Bus Sales
  • Coach and Bus Purchasing
  • Component Sales
  • Heritage and Restoration
  • Advice


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This privacy notice provides information about the personal information we process about you, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Wye Valley Group run Waste Management Facilities, Scrap Metal Merchant, Demolition Projects and associated activities registered at the following address: Lloyd George House, Fordshill Road, Hereford, HR2 6NS

Please contact Gavin Pettigrew using the email address:

gavin.pettigrew@wyevalleygroup.co.uk with any questions or requests about your personal information.

Your rights: We are committed to protecting your rights to privacy. They include the right to:

Be informed about what we do with your personal data.

Have a copy of all the personal information we process about you.

Rectification of any inaccurate or incomplete data.

Be forgotten and your personal data destroyed.

Restrict the processing of your personal data.

Object to the processing we carry out based on our legitimate interest.

The personal data we process, why we process it and how long we keep it for: As a waste carrier, waste management facility and scrap metal dealer, we are required by legislation to keep certain records for 7 years. These records may contain personal data and include:

Names and addresses of suppliers of waste and scrap metal and others we transfer wastes and scrap metal on to.

Verification of names and addresses such as copy driving licences, passports and utilities bills.

Cheques and receipts confirming electronic transfers.

Vehicle registration numbers.

Legitimate interests: We also process the following information because it is in our legitimate interests as a business transferring and managing waste and the buying and selling scrap metal to do so:

CCTV footage (retained for one month unless it is needed for the investigation of a crime).

Scrap metal dealer licence numbers, including documents related to our own licence (retained for 3 years).

Waste carrier registration numbers and any documentation related to our own licence (retained for 6 years).

Associated environmental permitting and waste shipment information (retained for the life time of the facility).

Invoices, receipts and accounts (retained for 7 years).

VAT and tax returns (retained for 7 years).

Employee data: As an employer, we process personal data pursuant to contracts of employment with our employees and retain this information for 7 years unless specific legislation overrides this period. The information includes:

Names, addresses and contact details including email address and telephone number, date of birth and gender;

Curricula vitae & references;

The terms and conditions of your employment;

Details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history, including start and end dates, with previous employers and with the organisation;

Information about your remuneration, including entitlement to benefits such as pensions or insurance cover;

Details of your bank account and national insurance number;

Information about your marital status, next of kin, dependants and emergency contacts;

Information about your nationality and entitlement to work in the UK;

Information about your criminal record;

Details of your schedule (days of work and working hours) and attendance at work;

Details of periods of leave taken by you, including holiday, sickness absence, family leave and sabbaticals, and the reasons for the leave;

Details of any disciplinary or grievance procedures in which you have been involved, including any warnings issued to you and related correspondence;

Assessments of your performance, including appraisals, performance reviews and ratings, training you have participated in, performance improvement plans and related correspondence;

Information about medical or health conditions, including whether or not you have a disability for which the organisation needs to make reasonable adjustments;

Details of trade union membership; and

Equal opportunities monitoring information, including information about your ethnic origin, sexual orientation, health and religion or belief;

Accident records

Sharing Personal data: We share personal data internally strictly on a need-to-know basis. Access to identity records and personnel files is limited to designated individuals.

Hard copy documents are stored securely. Where these documents are stored electronically, they are protected and/or stored with restricted access. We do not share personal data with anyone external to the organisation, other than:

Our professional advisers.

Police services (in connection with the investigation or detection of crime).

Local authorities, Environment Agency, HMRC or VAT Commissioner (where required by law).

Pursuant to a court order.

Information Commissionerís Office: If you have any concerns about the way your personal information has been processed, you may contact the Information Commissionerís Office on 0303 123 1113.

Signed...... Mike Simcock.... Mike Simcock, Managing Director Date 25th May 2018